Continuous Resistance Remix, 2011

Continuous Resistance Remix takes thirty YouTube mp4s that examine residential schools through personal interviews and black and white propaganda films, resource blockades by Elsipogtog youth, Idle No More footage from Couchiching First Nation, and forest fires started from resource extraction sites and finally, remixes the image and audio into a five-minute short video. The structure of the video adds to the continuous temporality of state violence perpetuated onto Indigenous bodies federally. It does so by pairing 2015 Elsipogtog film frames next to 1918 Canadian Residential School propaganda film footage. Elsipogtog illustrates youth and elders lining up against a human blockade comprised of the Canadian military who were using excessive force and the propaganda video illustrates Priests cutting Indigenous chidren's hair in black and white. The film looks at the forms state violences manifests as within a colonial, patriarchal, and heteronormative government that occupies Indigenous land. By remixing communities from east to west together, we see the struggles and strengths of Indigenous communities as they continue to fight for their land, rights, and self-determination.