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Fallon Simard’s memes and videos capture the conflicts created by colonialism, land, politics, and capitalism. The artist creates moving and still images as an embodied and visceral response to Indigenous identity that dispels current tropes of Indigeneity. Simard’s work instead investigates intensity and burden as products of injustice(s), human rights violations, and colonial violence. In his videos and memes, Simard illustrates bad feelings and harms from different Indigenous contexts to reveal new modes and effects of colonial-capital-racial policy. Simard’s work mobilizes grief, intensity, and trauma as mitigation tools to colonial-capital policy. ​He additionally creates policy recommendations into legislation, services, programs, and organizations.


Simard produces art and research regarding intensity, burden, bad feelings, and the colonial capital-racial contexts that have created both the TRC and the National Inquiry (NI).  Simard's work illustrates a problematized national narrative of Indigenous Canadian relations.​ The objective of Simard’s artistic and research production is to advance theory regarding Indigeneity, mental health, culture, and politics. The framework for both  artistic and research production is centered in Indigenous-colonial and cultural theory.

Artistic and Research Questions

Both the TRC and the NI track a state of consciousness comprised of grief, threat, and burden. Future endeavors for Simard into both art and research will ask the following questions:

1. How is a state of grief embodied?

2. How is burden and purpose engaged with in the Indigenous-Canadian consciousness?

3. What are the threats to the relationship between Indigenous Nations and Colonial Governments?


Gallery Shows

Contact if you are interested in showing his memes or video work in a gallery! 

Fotor_148381277667347 copy.jpg

Bodies That 


Memes Printed on Giclee, 2017

Over Researched and Under Invested

Memes Printed on Giclee, 2018


video art

All my videos are on youtube. contact for a screener of new work. 


Prayers For Dreamy Boys, 2019

  • YouTube

Educational Workshops

Simard offers educational meme, video, and 2SLGBTQQIA workshops. Workshops can be tailored to individuals, communities, or organizations.

Meme workshops are offered as 3 hour sessions for all ages with a focus on phone editing, a photoshop tutorial, and a studio session.

Video workshops are offered as a series of 3 hour sessions with preproduction, production, and post-production topics. 

2SLGBTQQIA workshops are offered as a 3 hour session with a focus on gender and sexuality topics.



Simard also offers editing, design, website development, consultation and research services.

He can edit your videos into a screenable file, cater designs to your individual needs, and can develop simple websites.

He additionally offers policy and research consultation services into 2SLGBTQQIA program, service, and human rights areas. 

Simard also researches child welfare, MMIWG, ending violence, and art. 

Please contact to discuss. 


Fallon Simard © 2020

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