Stay Contrary Dad Hat Cotton Chino Twill Baseball Hat.


The Stay Contrary Daddy Hat features unstructured 6-panel low profile cap, matching color underpeak, sweatband, inner taping, and 6 matching color sown eyelets. The self-cloth back strap features a matte silver color snap buckle and grommet. 


The Stay Contrary Dad Hat features an Anishinaabe design of a Windigo with human head and moose antlers. The design is a continuation of Fallon Simard's, "Stay Contrary" series. This series pairs, "Stay Contrary" as a call to action and the Windigo as a source of power. In Anishinaabe legends, the Windigo is a canibalistic monster corrupted by greed and extreme cold and hunger. In traditional context, the role of "contrary" is to be opposite of tradition. The two together create a force that reminds the wearer to stay in alignment with their purpose. 

Stay Contrary Dad Hat Cotton Chino Twill Baseball Hat

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