Policy Work

Organizational Development: 2SLGBTQQIA Workshops

Fallon Simard offers organizational development to achieve human rights instrument implementation in your organization through 2SLGBTQQIA workshops, specifically through a theoretical claim Simard calls, Zaagi'idiwin Inakinogewin. Zaagi'idiwin Inakinogewin is an Anishinaabe concept that asserts 2SLGBTQQIA Indigenous citizens are central to governance and nation building. It is an Indigenous legal concept that requires the elimination of transphobia, homophobia, cis-sexism, trans-misogyny, stigma, and violence against trans and gender diverse peoples from Indigenous communities. The workshop delves into the concept and includes an analysis of current Canadian legislations that protect gender identity and expression from discrimination and arts-based education around the requirements of Zaagi'idiwin Inakinogewin. 

Zaagi'idiwin Inakinogewin can be delivered as a presentation (preferred), workshop, and art panel / presentation. 

Policy Research Consultation

Fallon Simard additionally offers the following policy, research, and consultation services:

  • 2SLGBTQQIA competency training

  • Organizational human resource policy development 

  • Research into 2SLGBTQQIA program and service areas

  • Consultation regarding 2SLGBTQQIA engagement 

The purpose of this service is to disseminate his research and reduce the violence 2S communities experience. This research benefits all sectors by ensuring adequate safety and policy measures are taken to protect 2SLGBTQQIA,

Please contact me for rates.